During tattooing, the skin breaks, causing a wound. If you take good care of the tattoo, it will take about six weeks for this wound to heal.

If the tattoo is covered with self adhesive second-skin, you can remove it in 24 hours.
If the tattoo is covered with a sterile compress or cling film, you can remove it after 3 to 5 hours.

You can take a shower with a tattoo.

Treat the uncovered tattoo wound as follows:
wash the tattoo twice a day with a mild unscented soap (unicura or neutral);
pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel after washing;
smear the wound with an ointment that the tattoo artist gave you or recommends you (bepanthene baby ointment)

During the healing process, make sure:
touch the tattoo wound as little as possible (wash your hands before using the wound care);
do not scratch the tattoo wound;
the tattoo wound is not covered with tight or dirty clothing:
do not cover the tattoo wound with bandages or band-aids;
Avoid (bubble) baths, swimming, saunas and steam baths;
Do not expose the tattoo wound to sunlight or a tanning bed.

The tattooed skin remains very sensitive to sunlight even after healing. Always lubricate your tattoo with sunscreen when it’s healed.

Note: contact your doctor in case of extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, wound fluid, color change or chronic pain.

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